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Vehicles Assembly & Manufacturing

Assembly & Manufacturing History

HICOM Automotive Manufacturers (M) SDN BHD, HA, is the leading automotive assembler in Malaysia located in Royal town Pekan, Pahang with experienced of assembling more than 15 international marques from all around the world

Total Areas

HA was establish in 1983, previusly know as Automotive Manufacturers Malaysia (AMM). With total area 144 hacters, HA is the largest plant in DRB-HICOM Pekan Automotive Complex.

Capability & Capacity

  • Passanger car assembly
  • SUV & 4WD Vehicles Assembly
  • Electric & Hybric car assembly
  • Tersting & Commissioning
  • World Class Test Track
  • CMM
  • Light Duty Truck Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Truck Assembly
  • Special Vehicles
  • Body Building
  • Food Truck
  • Bus/ Mini Bus Manufacturing
  • Tracktor Assembly/ Manufacturing
  • Fully Robotic Painshop
  • Truck Chassis Extention
  • Vehicles Modification
  • Any Motor-part manufacturing
  • Industrial Consultation

Complete Solution from warehouse until PDI

The company offers OEMs a wide range of services with highly flexible development and assembly strategies. We operated using world class manufacturing facilities with efficient management system. We provide complete solutions, from individual systems like modules assembly to complete vehicles manufacturing, and from extra-low volume to high volume production.