Mon, 18 Jan 2021 02:28:56     


Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at HICOM Automotive Manufacturing (M). Currently we don't have any open vacancies. Please check back soon.



It has come to our attention of recent incident involving individual and /or organisations claiming to be recruitment agent to HICOM Automotive Manufacturers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (HICOM Automotive), offering false employment opportunities at HICOM Automotive in order to defraud money from unsuspecting candidates.

The individual, claimed to be from Unique Recruitment Consultancy in Bangalore India, are posting fraudulent job advertisements, conducting online interviews and solicit the transfer of large sum of money to pay for expenses such as Quota Approval (QA), Visa work permits, and security fee to secure the said job.

We are taking this matter seriously and would like to warn the public not to fall for such scam. HICOM Automotive will never ask for any financial remuneration of any kind from individuals or any third parties during any recruitment process. All recruitment process at HICOM Automotive must undergo a formal face-to-face interview process with HICOM Automotive and not any recruitment agency.

Please take note that the false and misleading recruitment advertisements and process ARE NOT AUTHORISED by HICOM Automotive.

The public are urged to enquire first from HICOM Automotive should they be approached by any agency claiming to represent the company or if they have any suspicion on any position advertised.